The Youth & Children's program is a fun-filled, Bible teaching program for kids and youth with a mission focus. It runs during the morning and evening sessions, staffed by trained volunteers who are keen to see kids and youth know and live for Jesus. During the programme, kids and youth play heaps of games, learn from the Bible, sing, meet missionaries, pray and ask heaps of questions. Where possible the kids and youth hear from the same part of the Bible as the adults are studying, tailored to their development level. The kids and youth will find out what it is like to live in a different culture and why we do mission. Evening sessions are fun – with messy-night being a firm favourite!

Meet the Coordinator 

Jennie Baddeley is married to Mark and cares for their two children. She works part time at Redlands Presbyterian church and loves being involved in children’s ministry and ministry to women. She finds spare time to be her rarest commodity once taking care of a young family. On those occasions, she enjoys reading, a good cup of (Assam) tea, listening to a symphony or Bach Cantata, baking and watching obscure TV shows and playing board games with her husband.