Who's speaking at CMS Summer School?

Stefan Gustavsson

Stefan has worked for 25 years with Christian apologetics, philosophy of religion and worldview studies, as a popular writer, speaker and teacher.

Stefan has helped usher in an apologetic renaissance that has reached the Church in Sweden and Scandinavia at large. Stefan is also on the Executive committee of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

Simon Gillham

Simon is the Head of Global Mission at Moore Theological College, Sydney. He also previously served as a CMS missionary, as the Acting Principal of Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS)

He is passionate about international mission work and cross-cultural gospel ministry; including ministries among Australian Aborigines, remote and rural areas of Australia, and for working class men.

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper has been with CMS Australia for just over two and a half years serving our missionaries in East Asia and Oceania. He and his wife Marlene previously worked in a radio broadcasting mission, living in the Philippines and then Singapore for over 17 years. They have four sons at university and high school. Chris is also doing research on the training of missionaries, occasionally enjoys running and swimming, collects puzzles, and signs off emails with "XyrsT".